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Is it mango season yet?

Baby Mangos

Just after the holiday season our ladies took a ride with #betsythebeemover and set up shop among the mango trees at Ensey Tropical Fruit Company. Bees by nature do not typically visit mango blooms for their nectar source. But when they are surrounded by over 80 mango trees when not much else is blooming they will indulge in a bloom or two! What does this mean for us? Fingers crossed in about a month after the second bloom comes we will be pulling off honey supers with full frames of beautiful mango honey.

This will be our first batch of a single flavor honey (think orange blossom or tupelo) and we couldn't be more excited. When we are not able to be fully saturated on one specific bloom we label our honey by the season it was produced - and yes, we still have our peppery Fall honey in stock!

Once the mango bloom has finished and the fruit starts taking shape on the trees, our bees will load up and move again...stay tuned to see where they head next!

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