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LKC Honey

What started out as a project to pollinate our fruit trees quickly grew into a full family honey affair. We are proud to bring 100% raw honey straight from our hives to your home. Along with our honey we offer small batches of beeswax and honey based products.

During these unusual times we decided to set up an online shop for our local customers. This will allow you to receive local, raw honey with no contact delivery to your doorstep or pickup. 

What We Do

Each batch of honey our bees create is distinctly different. The flavor profile is determined by the different flowers the bees were visiting. We collect, package and sell the honey ourselves to ensure we are providing you with the highest quality raw honey. Our honey is never heated and is strained only once (to remove unwanted bits of wax but leaving behind the pollen) before making its way to you.

Using only the highest quality ingredients we produce a limited quantity of products with a foundation of beeswax and honey.

We have over 40 fruit trees and over 15 varieties growing on our property in Micco, FL. Depending on the season we will have fresh mangos, peaches, figs, plouts, berries and many more! 

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