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Small Batch + Fruit

Thoughtfully Created For You

Our small batch products are hand crafted with our bees in mind. We proudly use our LKC Honey and beeswax when mixing up our small batch products. Our apiary is surrounded by over 40 fruit trees. Depending on the season we offer fresh fruit straight from the tree. There is a little something for everyone!


Lotion Bars


Made exclusively with LKC Honey + Bees Wax. 

Available in: Sweet Orange, Lavender, Mango + Lime, Unscented

To Use: Rub between hands to warm, then rub bar over skin

Ingredients: LKC bees wax, Organic Olive Oil, Organic Shea Butter, Vitamin E Oil, Organic Essential Oils (omitted in the unscented bars)


Love everything you see? We can help craft a custom honey crate with all the fixins. 

Contact us to start building your crate!

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