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LKC Honey

LKC Honey is sustainably harvested, never heated, treated, blended, or ultra-filtered. We are proud to produce delicious and pollen-rich honey that is traceable from hive to jar. Each honey variety from LKC Honey offers a distinct and complex flavor profile that reflects the flora of its season.

At LKC Honey we have two groups of bees that produce very different honey at the same time of year. Our Seasonal Honey comes from our bees that call Micco, FL home on trailers. The setup on the trailers allows us to move them throughout the county to different nectar blooms throughout the year. At the same time our Beachside Honey is made by our bees that call Melbourne Beach, FL home. These bees live tucked between the sand dunes of the Atlantic Ocean and mangroves of the Indian River Lagoon and flourish on the local blooming plants of our neighborhood.

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Once our honey is removed from the hives we strive to keep it as pure as possible. The honey is never heated and is minimally strained to remove any unwanted wax while leaving the pollen particles in place. We have selected various sized glass jars to carry our honey from our hives to your homes.

Please be considerate and find a new purpose for the jar once the honey is gone. We will gladly take back empty, clean jars. 







4oz Chunk Honey (includes small piece of honeycomb)

Whole Honey Comb

We happily deliver on Tuesdays within a 20 mile radius of Melbourne Beach and offer local pickups every day except Sundays.

Wedding and Event Favors + Corporate Gifting 

Send Your Guests Home with LKC Honey

Thoughtfully curated for each event. We will work with you to create a special and unique parting gift for your guests. Customized labels and personalize additions paired with LKC Honey will leave the perfect memory.
Contact us for pricing and design options.

Photos by Lisa Marshall Photography ~ On location at Up the Creek Farms

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