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LKC Honey

LKC Honey is sustainably harvested, never heated, treated, blended, or ultra-filtered. We are proud to produce delicious and pollen-rich honey that is traceable from hive to jar. Each honey variety from LKC Honey offers a distinct and complex flavor profile that reflects the flora of its season.

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During the Fall honey flow we are welcomed with honey with a warm undertone while still remaining sweet. A very subtle heat can be detected thanks to the blooming Brazilian Pepper trees around our home apiary in Micco, FL.

LKC Spring Honey is a light honey with delicate flavors and hints of lemon. During this bloom our bees were locate in a pine flatwoods area in Valkaria, FL. The area was densely populated with blooming saw palmettos, gallberry, blueberries and elderberry.

This summer our bees have been nestled along the Indian River Lagoon in south Melbourne Beach, FL. They have been welcomed by an abundance of native red, white and black mangrove blooms along with cabbage palms, local wildflowers and fiddlewood.

This dense mangrove location is a first for us and has produced a very complex, sweet, floral honey with a slightly salty finish.

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Mango (16).png

In early 2020 our bees took a trip to Ensey Tropical Fruit Company off Tropical Trail in Merritt Island. There they were able to bring a pollination service to the mangos while producing a very unique, single flavored honey. We are thrilled to be back again for the 2022 season.

A select group of our colonies have become permanent residence of Melbourne Beach, FL at the Old Town Hall Museum.


Now in our 3rd year we harvest a spring, summer, fall and winter honey - all vastly different from our seasonal honey.

We partnered with Bonnie Mae Groves in Mims to produce our first harvest of Orange Blossom Honey in 2021. We are thrilled to be back again for the 2022 season.

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What about winter honey?

Over the winter there is a lack of nectar from new blooms (also known as a dearth). At the end of the fall nectar flow we ensure that enough honey is left in the hives for the bees to sustain a happy and healthy colony over the winter.


Once our honey is removed from the hives we strive to keep it as pure as possible. The honey is never heated and is minimally strained to remove any unwanted wax while leaving the pollen particles in place. We have selected various sized glass jars to carry our honey from our hives to your homes.

Please be considerate and find a new purpose for the jar once the honey is gone. We will gladly take back empty 16oz and 32oz jars. 






4oz Chunk Honey 

Whole Honey Comb

We happily deliver within Brevard County, FL and will once every other month travel south to the Miami area and make deliveries on the way. Sign up here to find out when we head south.

Wedding and Event Favors + Corporate Gifting 

Send Your Guests Home with LKC Honey

Thoughtfully curated for each event. We will work with you to create a special and unique parting gift for your guests. Customized labels and personalize additions paired with LKC Honey will leave the perfect memory.
Contact us for pricing and design options.

Photos by Lisa Marshall Photography ~ On location at Up the Creek Farms

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