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Our seasonal bees call Micco, FL home for the spring and fall and spend the rest of the seasons traveling throughout Brevard County. With the abundance of blooming plants and temperate climate the bees have their pick of nectar sources. The bees live in their boxes on top of trailers that escort them to their next location. 

We start each new year at Ensey Tropical Fruit Co. on a tiny sliver of magic off Tropical Trail in Merritt Island. Here they ring in the new year while patiently waiting for the mango blossoms to pop open. From there they head to the south end of the county to an orange blossom grove and as the saw palmettos start opening around our home base we shift them back to Micco.


When the summer heat starts sneaking in half of the group heads across the Indian River Lagoon to the south end of Melbourne Beach. There they start working on our Hammock Honey among the gumbo limbos and wild coffee. Then when the mangroves start their bloom the rest of the ladies make the trek down. Their last trip of the year brings them back home to Micco for our largest harvest of the year with the Brazilian pepper bloom. 


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