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A Little History on Us

Welcome to the LKC Honey family! We started this journey into beekeeping in 2017 as a way to help pollinate the fruit trees on our property in Micco, FL. Leo had been interested in them for a while but I kindly asked for him to wait until we moved onto the property. The best laid plans are always the ones that change! The bees came well before we were ready to build and when it came time the beach was calling a little too hard. We put house building plans on a long hold and moved across the river back to my hometown of Melbourne Beach.

During the move we added a baby yeti (Leo V - aka yeti) to our family and the love for the bees grew. Our girls were becoming more and more interested in them and once we got the first taste of their honey we were pretty much hooked! One hive turned into 3 which then quickly turned into 5 and continues to multiply. The apiary (a group of beehives) is constantly changing as our colonies grow and split.

This has become the definition of a family affair. Our girls work in the hives with us, and our parents help wrangle the yeti who will make his debut in the hives soon. We tap into the graphic design work of his brother for our logo (we sent him a napkin drawing of the apiary and he made it come to life!) and my sister is helping us stream line the business side of things. Leo and I spend our best date nights bottling honey and working in the hives together. Even our name comes from our family initials, the Leos, myself and Kayla and Cordelia and Catcher make up the LKC!

We are beyond excited to welcome you into our little honey family. Sharing the raw honey our bees create with tastes that reflect the seasons is just the beginning. Bringing a new understanding of what the bees do - besides creating honey - is just as exciting. Who knew that one out of every three bites of food you eat is because of pollinators! As we navigate life with the bees we will take you along for the ride! We will share tidbits on their fascinating lives, how you can help them thrive and our favorite ways to enjoy their honey.

- Kristen (and the rest of the LKC crew!)

We are forever grateful for the moments that Amanda from Amanda McMahon Photography capture for us!

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2 kommentarer

09 juni 2020

Hi Lisa! Sadly we are not able to ship our honey due to cottage food laws, but we are planning on making a trip south sooner than later and can bring it with us! Send us an email at and we will get you all set up :)

- Kristen + Leo


06 juni 2020

Hi, my name is Lisa. Leo, your Mom Linda is a good friend of mine and she gave all us

"posse girls" your honey for Christmas. Man, it was delicious. I believe it was the fall honey. I would love to get more if you have it. Can you ship it?

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