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Welcome to the Beach

After tasting two season of honey from our hives that call Melbourne Beach, FL their home we decided that they are true beachsiders and their name should tell more of their story!

The running joke around town is to see how you can get your day to day things done without going over the bridge. Well, our bees are so local they have never been OTB! Technically yes, they could head straight over the Indian River Lagoon and end up on the mainland but its a long haul when they have plenty to forage on around here.

So far this year we have gotten a spring and summer honey from these hives that are located steps away from the beach on the barrier island. Both seasons have produced honey that takes on a more savory finish. You can almost taste the salt air in the honey. We are anticipating a fall honey from these beachside hives in mid October that will pick up flavors from brazilian peppers, the second bloom from the sea grapes and all of the wonderful wildflowers and goldenrod that folks around town have in their gardens.

We love having our hives in our little beachside town and sharing the honey with everyone! A huge thank you to Mychael from the Swanky Brush for helping bring our little town of Melbourne Beach to life on our labels! Keep a lookout for our Fall Beachside Honey coming in October PLUS taster boxes of Beachside Honey!

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